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For almost 30 years, Stuffology has generated and activated promotional stuff that boosts brand awareness and sales. From high-end bags and totes to keepable Yeti mugs to Nike, Under Armor and Columbia wearables, we put your brand in front of your prospects and clients.


Big Believer in Plan B

Since deadlines and details are critical, Stuffology always has a back-up plan so you get your stuff on time.

When a supplier goofed on applying labels correctly to 50,000 water bottles, our swooped in to save the day….and the promotion. To date, her company has hand-applied over 1 million labels for just this one client!




Gail Iwaniak: Chief Stuffologist
The Promotional Expert Who Knows Her Stuff
From Lab Coats and HR Manuals to Promotional Products
After 14 years in Corporate America, Gail Iwaniak wanted to start her own biz that fused together her love of science, creativity and desire to help others with the business need for promotional stuff. Voila! Stuffology was born in 1989.
Certified Expert at Your Service
Drawing upon her finesse in providing gifts to such high-profile celebrities as Margaret Thatcher, Charles Kuralt and Barbara Bush, Gail knows how to work with complicated people and issues too. She quickly became certified in the field so that her mastery became a competitive advantage.
She Always Has a BackUP Plan
Gail comes to the promotional products industry with solid big business credentials having worked for corporations such as Bechtel Engineering and Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company. Although she never inhaled, Gail did learn to cut through the smoke and red tape when it comes to getting stuff done.  In fact, her mantra remains - Always Have a Plan B.  When a supplier goofed on applying labels correctly to 50,000 water bottles, Gail's team of Stuffologists swooped in to save the day….and the promotion. To date, her company has hand-applied over 1 million labels for just this one client!
Gail Gets An A: Type A, Alpha A, and an A+ from Her Clients
When this overachiever makes up her mind to do something, look out!

When she applied for a bank loan and was initially denied, Gail insisted upon a face-to-face meeting with the committee to prove that her business plan was worth the risk. Let’s just say that she clearly made her case and of course, her loan was approved.

Today, it’s not only her clients, but her community that see her as an A+ leader. She was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Influencers in Louisville for her impact in her business and community endeavors.  

Ready to Take Charge...In a Good Way
In the promotional products business, there are many nitty-gritty details that can go astray. Gail heralds the troops to make stuff happen the right way. From being president of her 8th-grade civics class to president of the local advertising federation, Gail is not afraid to take charge and lead the way.

Dancing to the Music and Her Unique Beat
Sometimes it takes dancing to "Celebrate" or rollerblading to "Born to Be Wild" to let out some of that high energy Gail has to contain.  Of course, she’s also been known to drink a glass of wine or two, but it never gets in the way of helping her clients make promotional stuff work for them. 

Herb Bradley: Stuffology Vice President

The Optimistic Cynic of The Biz

If Gail Iwaniak is the “face” of Stuffology, Herb Bradley is the crazy and creative part of the team. A self-described “optimistic cynic,” he weaves in his brand of humor throughout every project.
Only Follows Accounting by The Book
With a finance degree from the University of Louisville, Herb follows accounting by the book, but…the book stops there. His forte is innovative ways to create indelible impressions.
Creating Memorable & “Keepable” Stuff for Clients
Joining forces with Gail in 1994, their goal was to shift the business from “trash and tchotchkes” to creating stuff that keeps client’s names top-of-mind. From UPS to GE to Smile Kentucky to Humana, Stuffology delivers the right stuff.
Eclectic Taste Leads to Electric Thinking
Herb has a passion for absurd British humor (e.g. Peter Sellars, The Goon Squad, and Monty Python), Rumpole of the Bailey, Lina Wertmuller and Stanley Kubrick movies, Winston Churchill biographies, and civil war books. This input fires up his brain to create “out of this world” promotions. Needless to say, the company’s mascot, Herman, is a Herb-generated idea. Or, if he has a bad idea, it’s a case of “Herbicide.” (LOL).